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Hoarding panels are a requirement for many sites undergoing development, ensuring the safety and security of the site, its workers and members of the public. Even in large expanses of open area though, using hoarding panels to advertise makes perfect sense. They have been a popular marketing tool for many years perfect for driving up sales and creating a buzz about new projects.

With such a large space to fill, there are many options for creating stunning hoarding panels, with impactful images and brand messages. Whether it is being used to announce a new and exciting development or to invigorate a community, the opportunities are endless.

It is in advertising where hoarding panels can truly come into their own. Big enough to be easily noticeable, it is easily possible to boost sales significantly, especially when used with the right text and appealing imagery.

Hoarding locations

In order to get the best results from advertising on hoarding panels, it is essential to take care of a few basics. The location of the panels is fundamental. There is no benefit to producing a stunning display if the passing traffic is low.

Instead, a lot of thought needs to go into placement. Building fronts, development entrances, shopping centres and retail parks, and major roads all make excellent sites. In town and city centres, hoarding panels are often used for advertising around train stations, bus garages and other natural gathering places for the public.

Designing panels to hoard sales

As much as the location of the hoarding panels is essential, ensuring they are well designed and present the right image is vital too. This is where large format printing truly comes into its own, with the ability to produce words and images that work effectively.

Seeing as hoarding panels are so large and noticeable, they need a bold and bright message to be really effective. Quiet and subtle don’t quite work when it comes to using them for advertising. As they are in place through the course of a development’s construction, the potential for a significant increase in sales leads is tremendous.

Many firms work with creative design experts to create their hoardings, whilst others rely on the expertise of the company supplying the panels. It is all about the message being delivered and what it needs to say. It is also possible to take the design in house of course, but close association with the panelling team is sensible here.

Processing the panels

When the final design of the advert to go on the hoarding panels is available, the creation and installation of the panels can be completed quickly. Produced on vinyl, they can then be mounted to Dibond plastic or other similar substrate, such as aluminium or polycarbonate.

Laminating this marketing sandwich ensures great weather resistance, UV protection and durability. The product is then mounted to a solid plywood panel, which creates the finished advertising hoarding panels. Iconic designs are also achievable as it is often possible to introduce innovations such as 3D cut-outs and integrated lighting.

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