Top three uses of acrylic panels

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Since it possesses many properties not found in other materials, acrylic has become very much a go-to plastic for a variety of purposes. Made from acrylic acid, it is normally very tough and transparent, which are two of its most popular features.

Nowadays, acrylic can be found in even the most common item within the household or a business, because it is readily available to be bought in various sizes, according to the job for which it is to be used. The following is a list of the top three uses of acrylic panels, which can also be cut to different sizes for each of the uses.

1. Glass replacement

Perhaps the most common use for acrylic panels is as a replacement for glass. In cases where shattering glass can cause danger, or where glass’ resistance to adverse conditions is not up to scratch, acrylic is often used as a substitute. Due to the durability of acrylic panels, they can be placed either indoors or outdoors. This means they can replace glass in shower doors, windows and even greenhouses.

Another reason acrylic panels are used as a replacement to glass is their flexibility. They can be molded into various shapes for even the smallest of window spaces. Overall, it is perhaps the safety properties of acrylic that make it the best choice in many cases.

2. Lighting

Within the home, lighting can either serve to provide illumination, or to be purely decorative. Most commonly, lighting for the home serves both purposes and can be created with both in mind. Acrylic panels are great for enhancing the lighting in the room, especially through skylights. Again here, the acrylic panels are replacing the glass for safety and durability purposes, but they allow the light to spread to more areas within a room, allowing as much natural light through as possible.

Acrylic panels are also able to withstand extreme temperatures and do not transfer as much energy. Even though glass panels are excellent at letting sunlight in, a downside to this is that the room can get very hot and stuffy as a result.

3. Furniture

The combination of all of acrylic’s properties also lends it to the job of creating furniture. Acrylic panels can be used to create sturdy pieces such as chairs and tables, especially for outside use. One of the best things about acrylic is that it is both practical and decorative, so one does not have compromise the other. A table can be both hardwearing and attractive, and this mixture of aesthetics and functionality lends itself well to any modern home.

Other uses

Acrylic panels are very useful, and the aforementioned three are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how acrylic panels can be put into use. The properties that acrylic has makes it cost effective and durable, so it is a material suitable for many jobs. Its flexibility is the main factor though, as this gives the material much more scope for use.

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