The future of plastic in 2013

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As we go into 2013, companies are looking ahead to see how the plastic industry will be changing in trends over the year. The main factor that drives every company is cutting costs, and if this can be done while maintaining environmental standards, then the method is highly valuable. The president of Plastic Technologies is concerned with costs, but he is also concerned with the ways companies can help the plastic industry move forward, and encourages several ways for companies to get involved.

According to the president of Plastic Technologies, sustainability is still highly relevant for 2013 and companies should remember that to keep costs down, they must use plastic materials responsibly and recycle waste materials, such as the excess from plastic sheets or acrylic panels.

Statistics from the U.S. show that throughout 2012, recycling plastic packaging was on the increase, and this is hoped to continue into 2013. However, the president of Plastic Technologies believes companies, as a whole, could do more for the industry. He believes that in order for rates to reach higher levels, a louder message must be sent out so more companies will get involved.

Packaging is one of the leading uses of plastic, and it is encouraged that both companies that deal with a lot of plastic packaging and consumers who purchase it work hard to recycle as frequently as they can. It is expected that in 2016, packaging will still be the leading market and so it is important that everyone involved works as hard as possible during 2013 to cut waste and reduce costs.

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