The advantages of acrylic in sign making

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Acrylic is one of the toughest, most widely-used plastics, and it has a number of purposes. Primarily, it is used as an alternative for glass because of its transparency and durability, but it is now sold for all sorts of reasons.

Sign making, in particular, is a huge use for acrylic. The plastic’s smooth finish makes sure it is seen by everyone, for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a professional way to get people to notice something, and it is effective in that the acrylic plastic lasts for a long time.


Perhaps one of the top reasons that acrylic is used for sign making is its durability. The plastic is very tough, making it ideal for both indoor signs, which might gather dust, and outdoor signs, which are exposed to the elements. Being weather resistant is important for business signs since the money companies pay for advertising is usually quite substantial, and knowing that the sign will still be intact a few months down the line is very valuable.

The durability of acrylic means it is resistant to impacts because of its strength. It can receive an impact up to 17 times greater than glass, and if it does break, it does not shatter like glass. This is an important safety feature in sign making, as if the sign does happen to fall, it provides a much smaller risk to those around.


All plastics are easy to mold into various shapes, and acrylic in particular can be shaped into everything from bottles to frames when it is heated to 37.8°C. This means that creating a sign from acrylic is ideal as both the size and shape can be specified beforehand. Signs vary substantially in the way they look depending on where they are being mounted. Acrylic’s flexibility allows a wide variety of specifications to be formed.


Having around 50% less mass than glass, acrylic is a lot easier to handle and place or hang in certain areas. It is hardwearing, which means it can be transported to its preferred location very easily. Also, the risks involved with glass can be reduced by using acrylic as an alternative.


Acrylic signs are sophisticated and professional, and they don’t cost too much for the impact that they can have. The smooth surface of acrylic creates a great backdrop to the main message of the sign, so it portrays professionalism. The main impact the signs have is their appearance, so as well as providing a great canvas for a sign, acrylic is great for sophisticated graphics.

Overall impact

Acrylic is an excellent, strong material for use in sign making, and provides a great canvas with which to work. Its mixture of desirable features gives businesses a lot to work with when it comes to creating the perfect sign, so it is definitely recommended. The flexibility is the main benefit, since acrylic can be made into any shape, for any purpose, at any size, from shop windows to billboards.

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