Students use plastic to create sustainable café

Filed under: Recycling — Posted by: Daniel on May 8, 2013

Students from the University of Newcastle took recycling to a new level when they decided to create a sustainable café made from recycled plastic bottles and cardboard.

It is no secret that plastic, while highly useful and versatile, can cause an environmental concern if not reused or disposed of in a responsible manner. The graduates from Newcastle Uni were looking for a unique way to do just that and the sustainable café was born, highlighting the fact that plastic can still have a use after it is no longer needed for its original purpose.

Designed in conjunction with a number of architects and engineers, the students used a range of recycled plastic bottles and cardboard to construct a café which was not only beneficial for the environment, but also very cheap to build.

The recycled café is extremely convenient as it can be quickly assembled or taken down and stored in flat pack form when the need arises. It can also be very easily transported from place to place. This means that it can be used for pop-up café events, or at festivals, for example, so that people on the move can get their coffee fix and entrepreneurs can start their own café on a budget.

The café was built as part of a drive to encourage design students to do more for the environment by working with sustainable materials. Everything from sheet plastic to wallpaper can be recycled into wonderful new products and this is something very much encouraged by designers today.

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