Plastic in everyday life

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Plastic plays an important role in everyday life, contributing to businesses and the functioning of numerous applications. It is used for everything from disposable cups to cut plastic sheeting, the latter of which is used in homes and businesses.

As well as being an integral part of the things we use every day, plastic is involved in many processes in order to make a range of products that are needed worldwide, as certain properties of plastics are utilised more often than others.

One of the most common uses of plastic is for packaging. Plastic bags are used every day all over the world as they make it easy to carry products or store them due to their durability. Other items, like food and medical supplies, are kept in plastic packaging to prevent contamination.

The building industry makes use of plastic frequently, being one of the nation’s largest plastic consumers. Everything from windows to doors can be constructed from plastic because of its flexibility and lightweight properties. Piping and insulation within the home are also made from plastic because it is an electrical insulator and it is very cost effective.

There are many processes involved in extracting different parts of plastic and melting them down to be used efficiently in different products. One commonly used process is plastic injection moulding, where raw plastic is melted, moulded, then cooled down quickly. This is useful because it can be moulded into any shape required. The process is often used for moulding acrylic and other plastic derivatives.

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