Innovative examples of signs made from plastic

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Signs offer a great example of how well plastic can be used in business, as they can be used both inside and outside. Plastic is weather resistant, meaning signs that are placed outside for more of the public to see will not be affected by bad weather and will not need much maintenance.

On walking down a round or looking out a window, one will always see some sort of a sign, whether it is to sell a product or advertise a service. They can be adapted for many uses, which is why plastic is so valuable for this purpose. It can be molded into almost any shape and size according to requirements, and then utilised for a bigger purpose.

Different types of plastic

Although many believe that plastic is just one compound, there are actually many different types of plastic that can be used for various different purposes. For example, acrylic is a common plastic used for sign making, as it is available in clear panels, which is desirable to many businesses as it looks modern and high quality.

As well as looking good, acrylic is very durable. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use without the fear of it being affected by erosion. It is also very easy to mount, which makes it great for billboards.

PVC is another type of plastic compound, but it can only be used indoors as it can be affected by high temperatures. However, it is very professional looking due to its smooth finish, and it is easy to mount indoors, so is often used for signs in shopping centres or public areas.

Innovative uses

One of the most common uses for plastic is in the manufacture of road signs. The idea to use plastic on roads is a very useful one because its properties that make it smooth and clear allow motorists to see them sooner, leading to safer driving. Another problem plastic prevents is thieves stealing road signs. Metal road signs, as well as not being very weather resistant, have commonly been taken for their aluminum content. Having plastic signs reduces this risk and makes the roads look more presentable.

Billboards are also another use for plastic, because they need to be able to withstand rough weather and erosion. This is innovative because billboards might need to be a specific size and weight in order to be mounted, and plastic can make this much easier.

A new service that is becoming increasingly common is engraved plastic signs. These take advertising and sign making to the next level, as they look even more professional. Not only can they be used for indoor and outdoor signs, they can also be used for smaller purposes like name plates or public instructions.

In advertising and sign making, it is important that the jobs of designing and mounting are made easier with the right materials. Plastic, being lightweight, durable and easy to mold, makes it great for creating innovative signs that can withstand both weather and market change.

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