How strong are acrylic panels?

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Acrylic panels offer an excellent alternative to glass, in both commercial situations and in the home environment. There are a number of ways in which the panels outperform glass, from their impact resistance to the sheer strength they provide.

Due to the fact they can be cut to size, acrylic panels are available in a number of different compositions to offer different strengths. This makes it possible to find a panel which is perfect for most applications, whether it is being used as a replacement greenhouse panel, a shower screen or in an aquarium tank.

Understanding the strength of acrylic

Typically, a 12.5mm acrylic panel will have between two and three times the impact resistance of double thickness windows. It will also be up to five times more impact resistant than many types of security glass, such as wire glass. A 25mm panel will offer up to 10 times the resistance.

The strongest type of acrylic panel is made from polycarbonate. The next strongest are those made from PETG/PET, then an impact modified acrylic panel. General purpose acrylic panels will offer the lowest level of strength and impact resistance but still tend to impress.

Acrylic panels in aquariums

Due to the atmospheric pressure which many larger aquarium tanks have, it is essential the panels used offer reliable strength and eradicate weak points. Answering both of these fundamentals are acrylic panels.

As well as ensuring constant strength, the sheets are also extremely safe, and can withstand blows of incredible strength. This makes them perfect for use in many other commercial environments too. To really put it into focus, a 32mm acrylic panel is bulletproof.

Acrylic sheets for industry

The strength afforded by acrylic also allows it to be used in many other environments, with demanding requirements. In sporting venues, for example, such as ice hockey arenas, clear polycarbonate panels offer protection to spectators when the going gets really rough in the field of play.

In factories and workshops too, there is a great need for the protection provided. Metal turning machines and cutting tools, for example, require the user to be protected by safety guards at all times. Whilst wearing safety equipment is still necessary, the acrylic panels will offer protection from debris being thrown from products at great velocities.

Strong and lightweight acrylic

Whilst thicker acrylic panels will afford maximum protection, lightweight sheets are ideal in other settings. Where crystal clarity is needed – in art galleries, for example – non-reflective panels are ideal and have enough strength to withstand glancing blows. Protecting valuable art from mishaps, its lightweight construction makes moving pieces easy.

Clear acrylic panels are also resistant to UV damage, further protecting artworks housed behind them. They are also not susceptible to clouding or discolouration. Moisture absorption rates are very low too. This makes them perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

The strength of acrylic panels is one of their greatest advantages, but the clarity of view and other qualities are also great. From construction firms to aquarium manufacturers and architects to store designers, their durability and performance is appreciated by everyone.

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  1. Acrylic is shinier. Acrylic is less expensive but easier to crack.Acrylic sheets are of multi use and used in many ways in home improvement.

    Comment by Greenhouse Plastic — June 2, 2015 @ 10:23 am

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