How frosted plastic is made

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There are many uses for frosted plastic sheets today, whether to provide privacy, a design detail or to simply have a different look and feel in place. It is possible to buy professionally made frosted plastic sheets. Cut to size plastic made this way is certainly better for businesses, with the quality of the product reliable. It is possible, however, to frost plastic for yourself.

Before attempting to frost plastic sheeting, it is essential that the surface is clean of all dust and debris. Having wiped the surface to be frosted with a damp cloth, cleaning it with soap and water is necessary. It should also be allowed to dry fully.

Aerosol sprays

A popular way to frost plastic sheeting is to use an aerosol spray. These are an effective way to provide instant frosting, and are great for giving that all-important privacy to home offices or other areas in commercial settings.

Taking the clean and dry plastic sheet, it should be laid flat onto a smooth surface, and the aerosol held a sensible distance away. A continuous spray of the frosting should then be applied to the plastic quickly and evenly.

Depending on the spray used, it will dry in a few hours to 24 hours. Leaving it for up to 48 hours is sensible though. The plastic sheeting can then be used on windows and other areas as necessary.


Similar to the process used in professional manufacture, another way to frost plastic is to use a sanding material. Again working on a clean, dry and flat piece of plastic, a fine sand paper should gently be worked across the surface to provide a consistent frosting.

A sanding block can also be used of course. Another method is to use a fine sand blaster, similar to the commercial method. This can be dangerous though, and can also cause significant damage to the plastic and other surfaces if used incorrectly.

Once the plastic has been sanded, it can instantly be applied to windows.

Frosted stickers

In many craft shops and online, it is possible to find frosted sticker sheets. These can be easily cut to fit the size needed, and can be quickly applied to windows. Carefully lining up the edges of the sheet with the window edge will provide instant privacy.

Salt solution

If a temporary covering is needed, a great and fun way to deliver it is to use salt. Simply dissolving salt in some warm water and painting or airbrushing it on to a surface is needed. As the solution dries and the water evaporates, the salt crystals are left behind. These can then be easily wiped off when not required any more.

The professional process

In the commercial manufacture of frosted plastic sheeting, the process used is similar to the sanding method described above. It is on a larger scale of course, utilising powerful sand blasting machines. With acrylic suppliers able to provide custom size acrylic and cut to size plastic, it is often the best way for businesses to cover their frosting needs.

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