Five interesting uses for plastic sheets

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Plastic sheets are extremely adaptable, meaning that they have been used for various uses over the years by a wide range of industries. In fact, most industries could find at least one use for a plastic sheet, because of its various properties making it a beneficial material.

Everything from store signs to furniture to technological devices contain some sort of plastic, and most people will come in to contact with a plastic item at least once during their day. The following are five interesting uses for plastic sheets that can be applied in both the home and the business.

1. Piping

Due to plastic’s durability and ability to withstand weathering such as excess water, farmers often use plastic sheets to act as pipes to direct water away from their land to stop flooding. This is a useful thing to do even for those who do not have a farm. Keeping the majority of the water away from the garden can allow it to dry quicker. This is especially important for those who are out in the garden working frequently and work hard to keep it the way it is.

2. Protection

Many people who undertake a lot of DIY projects in their home use plastic sheets as temporary covers or tarps. Construction sites use plastic sheeting to protect certain surfaces for safety. As it is so flexible and durable, it can be used inside and outside for many different purposes, and it is not too expensive, so overusing it is not a major problem.

3. Shipping

In today’s world of online shopping, more and more orders are being completed and readied for shipping. Since these orders go through a lot of transportation, they need to be protected efficiently. Plastic sheeting is used in the shipping industry to make sure items are delivered safely.

4. Keeping the fridge clean

Plastic sheeting is not only useful for outdoor purposes, it can also be used for very simple purposes inside the home. For example, plastic sheeting can be used to keep refrigerators clean and stop them getting sticky. Wrapping fridge shelves in plastic sheeting can allow owners to clean them easily and quickly, without damaging the main fridge material.

5. Daylight redirection

One of the most interesting uses for a plastic sheet is daylight redirection. Pairs of sheets with micro replicated prisms in between them allow sunlight to be redirected inside a room. The aim is to make sure the sunlight is directed right into the room rather than just the floor. The commercialised version of this is in the form of a skylight providing internal illumination, much different to normal glazed windows.

The best thing about plastic sheets is that they are very flexible, so do not have to stay the same shape as when bought. The number of uses of plastic sheets can be expanded much further beyond the previous five aforementioned uses. Since it is such an affordable material, there is no doubt it will continue to be used and manipulated in the future.

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