Apple to use plastic for new ‘budget’ iPhone

Filed under: Industry News — Posted by: Daniel on February 13, 2013

Apple is thought to be ready to release a new budget version of its popular iPhone 5 and reports are suggesting that the new model will be made predominantly from plastic.

Many analysts have suggested that sales of the California-based company’s newest flagship device have not quite matched the forecasted figures based on the success of previous models. This has led many experts to suggest the inevitability of a cheaper model being released to compete with other manufacturers already providing for the consumer on a budget.

The pricing issues in the Asian market, particularly in China, have only gone to reinforce the rumours. Jeremy Horwitz, Editor-in-Chief of Apple fansite iLounge, claims to have information from reliable sources which supports the claims. He said:

“One of our sources claims that Apple’s iPhone prices remain too high for most mainland Chinese customers—the iPhone 5 hardware alone starts at $849 there, versus the iPhone 4 at $500, in a country where the average annual salary is around $3,000 per person. The source has said that mainland Chinese iPhone 5 sales are already tapering off as a result of the pricing, which is higher than in Hong Kong. A budget iPhone model would help sales in populous but underdeveloped countries to grow.”

The new device is expected to look like the iPhone 5 when looking at it from the front, but the rear will instead be made from a more cost-efficient plastic. In the current economic climate, many companies look to use plastic to cut costs. Custom sized plastic and plastic sheets are often feasible alternatives to pricier metals.

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