5 uses for acrylic display cubes

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Acrylic display cubes are an innovative and fun way to present goods and products, as well as being an effective sales tool in their own right. With the ability to be used to create stunning window installations in stores, or as an effective marketing mechanism for trade shows and conferences, they are of great use to the retail sector.

Acrylic display cubes can also be stacked, suspended from rails and ceilings or lit with integrated bulbs – they can be used in a number of contexts. Here are five fun ideas that you can try with acrylic display cubes.

Shop window displays

Made from acrylic panels, display cubes can be used as part of excellent store front window displays. Whether being used to populate a space with bold and bright colours, or to give emphasis to a product, they provide an innovative and eye catching detail. Display merchandisers looking for subdued lighting, bright daylight effects or night time displays are all well looked after, as many are available with integrated lighting.

In-store displays

Display cubes can be used to great effect in store and are available in a range of colours and sizes. Whether being used as part of a product launch or to display seasonal items, they become a real focal point and can be used particularly well to up sell in high footfall areas. Whether stacked or suspended from railings, the cubes allow in-shop display merchandisers to really think outside the box.

Point of sale displays

As well as being useful for selling and showcasing items, display cubes are ideal for POS arrangements. Visually stunning creations are easy to achieve, often using no more than just a few cubes; and with the cubes also being available with acrylic pockets at the back, small posters and leaflets can easily be displayed, allowing for promotions to be fully coherent.

Food display

Many acrylic display cubes are made from food grade materials, making them ideal for use as catering displays. This is not only a great idea for merchandisers looking to up sell items in food departments, but also for traditional bakers and those attending local markets. Clear acrylic boxes with concealed lids would create a delightful cupcake display, for example.

Jewellery displays

Another way to get the best from the acrylic cubes is to use them to display jewellery. Many cubes are available complete with a lockable lid, and can easily be secured in place. The integrated low voltage lighting details can truly bring precious metals and gems alive, with eye-catching sparkling effects – useful for in-store selling or even out on the road.

Custom sized plastic display cubes offer a modern and funky way to display practically any item. They provide a great alternative to traditional shelving options, and have a reputation for durability. Another great benefit is that they are easy to maintain, as it is rare that they need anything more than a wipe down with a moist cloth and acrylic cleaner.

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